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Shri SANJAYKUMAR VINODRAY SOLANKI is a leading Development Officer/ Senior Business Associate in Jamnagar -CBO III (81P) of Rajkot Division (Gujarat) He is working in LIC of INDIA in Jamnagar District since 2009 and has gained deep LIC subject matter expertize enabling LIC business through continuous recruitment & mentoring of Agents.

He is very passionate about encouraging and motivating people to join LIC as an Advisor as a Career Option which provides work flexibility, extra earning potential and ample growth opportunity for the individuals.

He has been very passionate in recruiting, training and mentoring Individual to be successful as an Agent within the umbrella of LIC as the top brand of Life Insurance in India.

Mr. Sanjayakumar V. Solanki has been very successful in creating a dedicated team of more than 100+ well professional Advisors – who are performing better year after year. He has achieved No.1 Position at at Rajkot division Level for enrolling highest Number of Policies in year 2019/20.
All the time his TEAM1900 is getting Meritorious position within Branch level since last many years and have credit to occupy in division level too.

He believes in Development & Grooming of his Team to work diligently & ethically as well as full focus on the earnings of each & every individual to be successful as a LIC Agent.

” I Welcome You To Join Our Team Of World Largest Insurance Company LIC As An Agent “.

Mr. Sanjay vinodray solanki has been granted to offer the premium LifePlus services of LIC to end users being aspiring agents looking for career opportunity, Agents onboard and Policy Holders. LifePlus is an authorized Premium Collection and Advisor Recruitment Center offering :


Authorized Premium Collection Center


Authorized Help Center


Authorized LIC Advisors Recruitment Center




Agents Working
Coaching & Training
Policies Registered
Claims Settled



LIC of India enjoys the status of being only public sector Life Insurance Company commanding more than 70% market share even after more than a decade of opening up of the insurance industry for Private Players.
SANJAY SOLANKI having 11 year deep LIC Subject Matter Knowledge and understanding of Insurance market of jamnagar aerea
Being the top LIC Agent Recruiter and Mentor within Jamnagar aerea
Have credits to achieve highest number of Policies at Branch Level through a Team of ever-growing 100+ Agents.
Excellent coaching & mentoring by himself and Industry Experts.
Regular Meetings/Trainings in the field of LIC Products, Sales & Marketing, Job Motivation
Pioneer of adopting and optimally using technology to enable our team of agents to be skilled, professional and competitive in the market
Our service and membership convert into  great platform for asping agent for choosing LIC agent as a career option, enrollment,training and examination preparation.
It will change whole life for aspect people for having a new career and a new life style

If you want to earn in Lacs Join LIC as an Advisor

Our Team

Professional Training through Seminars. Sponsorship for special Training Programs. Knowledge Dissemination of all LIC products. Effective Selling Skills. Innovative Marketing Strategies. Tips on Customer Relations Management. Setting and achieving realistic goals.

A leading Senior Business Associate from LIC of India in jamnagar. He has created a dedicated Team of more than 100 well professional advisors – who are performing better year after year. all the time his TEAM1900 is getting Meritorious position in Rajkot division. He believes in Development & Grooming of his TEAM1900 is from people from all ages There are agents as young as 21 Years of age and as old as 78 years too.

But the common thing between them is that they All Are highly motivated and beaming with energy.
This positive attitude of my team has been Instrumental in their outstanding performance year after year.
It is my privilege to welcome you to my TEAM1900  of insurance professionals.

It will be my endeavor To nurture not only your selling skills as well as your servicing & relationship skills too, and its an assertion for you to become an outstanding and successful person not only in insurance as well as your own field where you are today.